We hope our personalized SERVICE and AMENITIES will insure your future business.

We have access to the most modern aircraft available for your needs.

We can accommodate 1 to 30 passengers in a single aircraft.

For business or pleasure anywhere in the world.

* Jet service at competitve rates
* 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
* Concierge services to handle every detail
* Armed or unarmed security available

All amenites provided are at competitve rates.


Jet Classifications:

Light jets:
The most economical choice for trips of approximatly 1500 miles. Light Jets can use airports not accessible by major airlines. They accommodate up to 5 Passengers, Speed 380-490 mph, and range upto 1300 smi.

Light Jet Listings:
Beech Jet 400A
Citation l
Citation S/ll 0r llsp
Citation V Ultra
Citation CJ2
Learjet 35
Westwind ll

Midsize Jets:
Comfort, performance and economy for medium length flights. Midsize Jets have external baggage storage. They Accommodate up to 6 passengers, speed 420-490 mph, and range up to 2000 smi.

Midsize Jets Listings:
Astra Gulfstream SPX
Citation Excel
Citation lll
Citation Vl
Citation vll
Hawker 700 A
Learjets s5

Accommodates up to 9 passengers, speed 450-500 mph, and range 4300 smi.

Super-Mid Size Listings:
Citation x

Falcon 50
Hawker 1000

Heavy Jets:
Top of the line aircraft for performance and amenities. Amenities usually found are DVD, Phone, fax, and full galley. They Accommodate up to 14 passengers, speed 450-500 mph, and range up to 4300 smi.

Heavy Jet Listings:
Challenger 600/601
Challengers 604
Falcon 2000
Falcon 900/900c
Falcon 900 EX
Gulfstream lll
Gulfstream lV/lVSP
Gulfstream v
Gulfstream G550
Embraer Legacy
Boeing Business Jet

Business Jets:
Accommodates up to 30 passengers, speed up to 530 mph, range up to 6000 smi.


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